INDIE BAZAAR @ BRIEF SPACE at The Metreon, 2nd Flr, 101 4th Street (at Mission), SF. NEXT DATE: December 19th, 2010, 11-6pm

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Brief Space is a 3000 sq ft Rental Gallery + Performance + Boutique located on the 2nd floor of the Metreon, adjacent to the Yerba Buena Gardens.

Lots of blank walls, high ceilings and big windows over looking 4th and Mission St. in the SOMA District of San Francisco.

This free admission event will be showcasing the products of the indie art and fashion community of the bay area. Bring your friends and family to enjoy what the local arts, music and fashion have to offer. Take the Bart or Muni for easy transportation. Paid parking is available at Mission Street Garage. Sponsorship opportunities available. Reserve your spot early.


Gelareh is known for creating unique and distinctive designs using unconventional methods, materials and accessories. She is a Fashion designer, consultant, Illustrator, stylist, and Model in San Francisco Bay Area. She has BFD degree from The Art Institute of California, San Francisco. Prior to Fashion Design, she received a degree in Child Psychology and a Certificate in Make-up Artist.

Gelareh specializes in couture and customized garment design. She works directly with her clients at her design studio in San Francisco. Contact Gelareh for appointments.

For all modern women who yearn for the true glamour of yesteryear, Effie’s Heart has come to save the day. Kimo, founder of Effie’s Heart, has a lust for easy living, an appreciation of eclectic beauty, and a taste for the finer things of fashion’s past - all of which come together to bridge new fashion ground in Effie’s Heart.

As a fashion adventurist who believes in the accessibility of style, Kimo has created a line wearable by any modern woman who believes that comfort can be bed-mates with fashion. Using color palettes inspired by antique catalogs, art history, nature, and vintage clothing, Kimo has painted a fashion canvas that is both endearing and unique. Fighting against the forces of sameness that trend services push onto mass culture, Kimo would like to introduce Effie’s Heart to all those who believe there is still room for original inspiration.

New York City based designer Lina Shatara was born to create. From a young age her imagination took hold of her ability to transform household objects into works of art. Growing up in San Francisco, she enjoyed creating art and designs inspired by the juxtaposition of the natural coastal surrounding and city life. She has worked as a henna tattoo artist, illustrator, mural artist, and has traveled to Mexico City to study the murals of the great muralists, Diego Rivera, Jose Clemente Orozco and David Alfaro Siqueiros.

Lina’s passion for jewelry bloomed in high school when she began to experiment with jewelry design, beadwork and metalwork. Her inspiration comes from many directions including nature, fashion and most importantly her extensive travel experience. She has had the pleasure of traveling to several countries across five continents including countries such as India, Egypt, China, Italy, Argentina and many more.

Fancy French Cologne is owned and operated by two ladies not unlike yourself.

We are Christine Bolghand and Carly Schneider-Clark. We live in San Francisco, where we met in 2004 and formed an indie rock band called Finest Dearest. After several releases and countless tours across the United States, the band called it quits and we launched Fancy French Cologne as our newest venture together. During this time, we have come to discover that the similarities in running a business and being in a touring band are quite striking! You can read more about our process on our blog, which dates back to our first month as a business.

As Fancy French Cologne, we are committed to bringing you a unique perspective on the online shopping experience—one that conjures the intimacy of browsing your favorite local boutique. We’ve hand-selected every style you see in our shop, and are especially proud of our curated selection of handmade items, which we worked with our designers to customize just for you. We personally love everything you see, and hope that you will too.

O'Lover Hats is created by Elwyn Crawford. As a self made milliner and artist, Crawford’s inspiration in hats comes from seeing them as an interactive medium that explores material and sculpture.

Hats transform people by giving comfort, protection and a bold sense of identity. They allow you to forget about having a bad hair day (or a no hair day) and as any hat person knows, they are fun to wear.

Battise Fashions is an exclusively online company known for artistic high-fashion clothing that emphasizes fit. Within our company’s portfolio you also see a wide use of fabrics including vintage and recycled materials including leather whenever possible.

Michele Battise, founder of Battise Fashions, has over 20 years experience in fashion and tailoring as a designer, classroom instructor and business owner. In 2006 she relaunched her business after several years of working solely for a large retailer, by first wholesaling through showrooms at the Los Angeles Mart. Later, realizing the need for closer contact between the designer and customer, she started the internet company in 2008.

All garment production is performed in the U.S. and our company frequently partners with local artisans from our Oakland/San Francisco, California hub.
Contact Battise Fashions at 866-744-2425 or

Buluchu is a place where passion meets creation. It is founded by a graphic designer who likes art and crafts. She only makes what she likes, thus, everything she designed or made is filled with love and passion.

Buluchu handmade handbags, babies’ thingy, all kinds of fashion accessories, and home decorations!

Natural, fresh and personalized skin care - welcome to Heliotrope San Francisco.

Heliotrope San Francisco specializes in high-quality, all-natural products with a focus on local suppliers and simple, organic ingredients.

We believe that people deserve to feel great in their skin. We offer natural, healing skin care for men and women without added fragrance, and consult with each client to create custom, individualized aromatherapy blends, using all-natural essential oils. We enjoy sharing our enthusiasm about natural skin care and providing products that soothe, heal, moisturize and protect your very self.

Visit Heliotrope in Noe Valley or shop online; enjoy customized aromatherapy blends, personal health products and useful, well-designed accessories. Enjoy the most simple, effective blends of natural ingredients, or explore customizing our fragrance-free products. Either way, we welcome you to Heliotrope, where natural gets personal.Contact no# 415-643-4847. email at -

Ichi-v is a labor of love and a devotion to design, color, and expression. All bags are made with you in mind. So I hope there's one you just can't live without.

Each bag is made with great care and consideration, handles are reinforced, stress points are considered. All cottons are backed for structure and stability. These bags aren't just pretty, they're durable.

As a new online-based apparel company, is full of people who love everything about fashion. Stimulated by the intense desire for exclusive fashion, we started to satisfy the passion for being unique. We know people love to be different and the best way to do that is to express yourself through what you wear. We appreciate the way people grow attached to their favorite piece of clothing, but we also know how much it pains them to see someone else wearing the same thing.

Fortunately, here at, we’ve discovered a way for our customers to never have that problem. We offer a limited amount of each style we carry, so the chances of people running into each other with the same apparel are highly unlikely.

Our name, SeeZenn, sounds like season because it springs from our concentration in gathering styles that allow our customers to stay ahead of the seasons. As the seasons are constantly changing, we are constantly thinking of what to fabricate next. While we are constantly updating our collection with the newest and trendiest styles, our customers will surely find what they love.

Be ahead of the season. Shop at SeeZenn.